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Lease Financing
MIDAS Financing PLC. extends lease finance facility to SME and Corporate Business Units in the manufacturing and service industries sectors and also to individuals and institutions.
Leasable Items
Capital Machinery
Heavy Construction Equipment
Generator, Transformer, Lift, Boiler, etc.
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment
Medical Equipment
Agricultural Equipment
Lease Period
2-5 years
Monthly, quarterly
Lease Security Deposit
2 (two) rental installments (maximum)
Terminal Value/Transfer Fee
0.50% of the Lease amount
Service Fee
0.50% of lease amount, not exceeding Tk.50,000/- and not less than Tk.5,000/-
Purchase and insurance of the lease asset in the name of MFL AND
Personal Guarantee of the Sponsors AND
Third Party Guarantee of 2 (two) responsible persons acceptable to MFL OR
Corporate Guarantee OR
Mortgage of Land or Building OR
Lien of Term Deposit Receipt (TDR) OR
Lien of Marketable Securities
Special Features of the Product
Relatively short processing time
Competitive pricing
Flexible repayment (advance or arrear basis)
Scope for customization of the product
Special benefits for the Women Entrepreneurs
MFL offers Special incentive and flexible loan window for deserving the women entrepreneurs under SME.
Rental charge at minimum rate of 10% p.a.
Lease finance up to Tk.25.00 lac without any collateral security
Customized counseling through the women entrepreneurs' dedicated help-desk
Preferential service in processing the lease finance
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