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Millionaire Deposit Scheme
The depositors will deposit small amount in order to be a millionaire within a prescribed period. Minimum deposit and repayment amount on maturity would be as follows (before tax and excise Duty):
Year Monthly Installment Maturity Amount
2 37,420 1,000,000
3 23,665 1,000,000
4 16,820 1,000,000
5 12,585 1,000,000
7 7,995 1,000,000
8 6,590 1,000,000
10 4,662 1,000,000
12 3,425 1,000,000
15 2,253 1,000,000
Terms and conditions
The amount of monthly deposit is to be made within 30 day of every month;
In case of default of monthly deposit in any month, deposit may be made with the deposit of the following month;
In case of default of monthly installment thrice during the deposit term, the scheme will be closed automatically and the principal amount along interest as per MFL’s policy may be withdrawn after 1 year;
Closed Account may be reopened subject to approval of management by paying previous installments and interest at a time.
Tax and Excise Duty will be deducted as per regulations.
Credit Facility
Maximum 80.00% loan may be allowed against the deposited amount after 3 years at 3.00% higher than the deposit rate.
Loan amount should be at least Tk.50,000.00.
Why will you invest under these schemes?
To invest money in a secured and profitable scheme.
To increase your idle money.
To save your money which is going to be spent unnecessarily.
To fulfill your objective with the increased money under any of the scheme.
To increase national savings for investment.
To build up the better future for your children and so on.
Features of our services
Providing service in fair and friendly environment
Maintaining easy term and conditions
100% compliance of the term and conditions relating to the schemes
Prompt repayment on completion of the duration of the schemes and so on
Necessary Documents
Photograph of applicant.
Photograph of nominee attested by applicant.
NID of both applicant & nominee.
Professional ID of applicant.
Documents related to declaration of source of fund.
Contact Person
Badrul Anwar
Head of Deposit Operation
Cell : +8801712100600, +8801886100602
PABX: +88-02-41021293, +88-02-41021295, ExT-215
Fax: +88-02-41021298
E-Mail: [email protected]
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